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Letter 55: August 11, 1943

Letter 55: August 11, 1943
F/S  Piper F J
RCAF England
Aug 11/43
Dear Ellen
            Received your last two letters okay & thanks for the snaps they are just fine. Dad also sent me quite a few about a week ago & so my snap collection is getting a bit larger. I also received 300 cigarettes from you today & thanks a lot Ellen. I also received 300 from Brian Scott & it just about floored me when I saw his name on the parcel. Had a letter from Arch & he was telling me about his holidays & how he had enjoyed welding again & that you had been home also & that you were the same old Ellen & hadn’t changed a bit. I just got back from seven days leave. I intended to go to Scotland but seeing it was a Bank Holiday Week in this country & the trains were so crowded it was almost impossible to travel so I spent my leave with Tex & Ron in a near by city where we had a nice time. So I’m already to go back to work once more which will suit me fine.
            Well Ellen about all for this time so I’ll close for now.
            Your loving brother

Tex was Robert Jordan from Texas
Ron was Ronald Connor from Moose Jaw

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