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Letter 54: July 23, 1943

Letter 54: July 23, 1943
Drom Helen White in Franklin, MB
and returned with Fred's personal belongings

Franklin, Man
July 23, 1943
Dear Fred
            I had a letter from your Dad and he was telling me of your tough luck, having all your personal belongings burnt. I have sent you a small parcel. So will hope you receive it. Are you still in England, I guess you have them on the run now. We are hoping before long you will all be back with us in Canada. We lost a nice boy from here just 21, boarded here with us and went to high school for 2 yrs. Was in the Air Force, was just 20 miles from Holland coming back from Raid on Essen. Your dad was telling me you had brought your plane in, in a damaged condition too, Lucky Boy. We have had a very busy summer, none to nice, but crops here are grand and gardens too. We will need them as rationing hitting us now. But we are not suffering and have lots to be thankful for, in this Country. I wanted your dad to come down for a few days with his wife, but don’t know if he will. But we would like to have him, but of coarse gas rationing makes it hard for one to travel by car. Had a Dr friend from Winnipeg here for a few days, an old Dr. he doesn’t practise much now, but can still take people apart at the Hospital Museum and drives his car, he is 70 yrs old. Hope you are well and I guess you are still spending you leaves in Scotland. Edith our girl has been away to camp at Clear Lake, with 70 girls in camp. So I have been busy. It won’t be long before it’s back to school and homework. Well I must close and Wish you luck
Cheerio Mrs Helen White

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