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Letter 56: August 12, 1943

Letter 56: August 12, 1943
F/S Piper F J
Aug 12/43
Dear Dad
            How is every little thing Pop. I’m going strong. I received you last letter with the clippings & pictures enclosed & razor blades & also received the parcel of snap shots & thanks a lot, you couldn’t have sent me a better collection, your sure looking well Dad & I’m sure glad to hear it & see it. Had a letter from Archie & he was telling me that he had his leave & that it was sure swell to get a welding torch back in his hands, hope you had a nice time in Alberta. Ellen was home to eh, must have been a nice reunion. Archie spoke about Tom & Billie & what nice lads they were. Also had a letter from Dutch. I just came back from seven days leave, I meant to go to Auntie Janet’s but it was Bank Holiday Week in this country & the trains were so packed it was almost impossible to travel so I spent it in a near by city with Tex & Ron & we had a swell time, we met some swell people who invited us up to their house & told us we could spend a leave with them anytime. So I’m already to go to work & do a little flying & visit the Huns. Well solong for now hoping this finds you and Edith well.
            Your loving son
Tex was Robert Jordan from Texas
Ron was Ronald Connor from Moose Jaw

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