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Letter 53: July 19, 1943

Letter 53: July 19, 1943
From his father and returned with his personal belongings

Sunday July 18th 1943
Dear Fred
            I received your welcome letter of June 12th & was glad to hear that you been well. I was also glad to hear that you & your crew had got some recognition for bringing you damaged plane home even if it was only 6 day leave. I had a nice letter from Jack Edwards about a week before yours, he told me all about how you went into his hut one night just as he was about getting into bed & how you & Connor & him went out next night for a good time. Don’t worry Fred I’ll not give you away to your aunt about that extra leave you had. I understand perfectly it’s pretty quite up around there & then as you say it’s nice to go out with the Boys. Cecil Spriggs got a commission when he got his wings, he got his at Yorkton too & he asked to be kept in this country as an instructor so he is up at Pearce Alto. RT had a letter from Jack the other day & he says he is promoted to Flight Commander now & he was not doing much flying, he was mostly doing interning etc. work. He said he had only made 2 or 3 flights in the last month, do you ever hear from him now. Oh I say Fred whatever become of that Bond you bought during the 3rd Victory Loan drive, you told me that there would be something kept of the assigned check to pay for it. Well there never was anything kept of it & I often wonder just what became of it. Floyd King has joined the R.CA.F. as general Duties, he tried as a Pilot but he was colour blind, that is what I am told, although I never asked Floyd himself, he reports on July 28th. Edith & I took a short trip up to Calgary, took in one day of the Stampede, Archie was having his holidays at that time so I got him to come down & look after the place for me as Tom don’t know enough about it yet. We visited you Uncle Jack on the way up they were all asking for you. Ellen started her Holiday today she is going to Swift Current first then to Regina & finish up here. I’ll be sending you a few more snaps, one of these days in a letter. I have been very busy all summer & I expect to be busy right through fall. I have to close now for the want of space with best love from Edith, Tom & I. Hoping to hear from you soon, your loving Dad
PS I hope your cigarettes are going there OK, you should be getting 300 every 2 weeks regular. One week G.B.Scott gave me a Buck to send you some so when you get his just drop him a line. Your Uncle Jack says he sent you some but never heard from you, did you get them. CD Davis was asking for you the other day he has not been well all summer, got that stomach flu & has not got over it yet quite. Big Hugh M & R Barry are both up at Dundurn with Reserve KORC just now. Big High I hear hit a bus in Moose Jaw with the truck about a week before he went. I hear he was tight. I guess wrecked the truck some but I saw it in Tuxford the other day so he must have got it fixed, again wishing you the best of luck & happy landings


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