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Letter 52: July 12, 1943

Letter 52: July 12, 1943
From Helen inHalifax N.S.
This letter was returned with Fred's personal belongings

586 Rabie St
Halifax NS
July 12, 1943
Dear Fred
            Rec’d your most welcome letter today and was more than pleased to get it. I guess you must have thought me rather crazy about the signature of the cable. No Fred I haven’t changed my name to was a mistake at the telegraph office. You see I was sending a telegram for my sister at the same time so I guess that’s where the name of Dot came in it. Fred I have a swell picture if I do say so myself. It was taken last Sunday but I promise to send it on to you next letter providing I get one in return. You send me one in your next letter and I shall send you that one. So you better get me one.
            Fred why do you have to bring up all our good times. It really was swell. I often wish we could have them once again. It was too good to last. I sure hope to see you soon on your way home. You sure do get around don’t you. All the places you’ve been since you left here. I hope on one of those trips it will be to come back to old Halifax It sure would be swell. Fred this place is still the same othing new at all. There isn’t even any good dances here.
            We used to have one good old time at the Mosmer but it is terrible now. The old gang are all gone, boy do we miss them. I guess it will be like this tell after the war. I hope it gets over real quick.
            I often think of our good times Fred it really was swell thou. You & I used to snap so much and yet not mean it. I wish we could have those days over again. Well Fred we will just wait. So I guess that’s just about all for now and I shall write to you tomorrow don’t wait to hear from me sit down and write every chance you get. I sure like to get them.
            So Tons for Love and Kisses and no arguing over them
            Love Helen

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