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Letter 51: July 8, 1943

Letter 51: July 8, 1943
From Dorothy Newsham
This letter was returned with Fred's personal belongings

Jansen, Sask
July 8, 1943
Dear Fred
            I’m sorry I didn’t write sooner but with school ending & me wondering how to pass my holidays I haven’t  had much time, and so I haven’t written any letters. Right now I find myself in Jansen, staying with Eleanor, and oh is it hot. Does this country ever go from one extreme to the other. Last night it did a lot of thundering and lightning, but didn’t cool it off any.
            I received your telegram okay Fred and thanks a lot I was very glad to hear that you got the parcel.
            Since I wrote to you last I’ve been to three shows, “The Ball of Fire”, “Hello Frisco Hello” that’s a swell show, I forget the other one, four dances, one in Borden, North Battleford, Radisson and Saskatoon.
            The weekend of June 26 I went to Breda to stay with Nel. Went up Friday night on the train. We didn’t have anything to do so went to a schoolhouse dance. We stayed about half an hour. You can imagine what it was like, with the lamps just about out etc. So we went home and looked at snaps. Saturday at noon we took the bus into North Battleford, did a little shopping, went to a show and to a dance at night. Nel goes with an RAF boy she really has it bad.
            I taught until the 29th. The kids gave me a grand Adrienne Sat, powder, rouge and lipstick. We had sort of a picnic the last day of school. I had to rush home & pack my clothes and ride my bicycle to town and be ready to play softball at eight o’clock. You should have seen the dust fly. We played softball against Fielding and we won 14-0. The next night we practised again so we would be in trim for July 1st.
            July 1st was the big Sports Day in Radisson. Everything was just grand. We girls played three softball games and lost one. Altogether we made $13. We had a couple of Saskatoon players playing with us. The old timers (baseball) from Radisson and from Maymont had a game gee it was fun to see them try to run and catch a ball.
            Of course there was a dance at night, crowded as usual, but all Sports Day dances that way?
            The next day I boards the train, I’m on my way to Saskatoon to go to Summer School. I gets into the city, meets Eleanor and we talk things over. We decide to get a job with the Massey Harris in Toronto. We get a letter back telling us that school teachers are FROZEN and we could take other job for summer months or should I say holiday months only. Honestly Fred you won’t know how we felt disliking our profession so much and when we did decide to get out, we can’t. I’m afraid there will be quite a little trouble over it. Did Eleanor and I ever get teased , the frozen schoolteachers.
            Anyway on Friday afternoon we go to a show, then at ten o’clock we see Eleanor’s boyfriend off, he went back to Victoria, then we went to the Cavern and had a little fun. Two twirps from Winnipeg (A.F.) monopolized us for the greater part of the evening. We were (El and I) two orphans, our home was in Toronto and we lived at the Y.W. They wanted to see us home but we said it was too far (We were staying at the Senator, right across from the Cavern. I guess they finally gave up hope as they had to be in early. The next day I came home with Eleanor. At night her brother in law took us out to Dafoe Airport, gosh that seems a lonesome place.
            Since being here we have done a lot of visiting. We are planning on going down to Watrous for the weekend. Eleanor’s dad built a new house, wo we have spent most of our time painting (outside). I really looks nice too.
            Now that we are frozen, El and I may take a trip somewhere, so don’t be surprised if I’m at either the West or East coast when I next write to you. That reminds me, you can either address my letters from now on to Radisson or Lucky Lake, It doesn’t really matter because I don’t know where I will be next year.
            Well Fred I will have to close now as I can’t think of anything else to say. But before I send it away I will try and scrape up a few jokes.
            How is flying these days? I hope everything is running smoothly with you and that you are well.
            I’ll close now as always
            With Love
One day a lady went into get her photograph taken. With the others she had never had any luck, so the photographer told her to say “Twig” just as he snapped the picture. You see that word would make her lips curl up, sort of a smile. Well by the time the photographer was ready the lady couldn’t remember the word so she said “Bush”
Did you hear about the little moron that cut off his legs so he could bum around.
11pm We just got back from a neighbor’s place. They made some ice cream and was it good.
Eleanor says that she would like to send along her love but she’s afraid it would be censored so it will have to be “Hello” and good luck to you (Eleanor)
Goodnight once again Love Dot

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