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Letter 50: June 25, 1943

Letter 50: June 25, 1943
From Fred's cousin Archie Pyper of Polquhairm, Ochiltree, Ayrshire
This letter was returned with Fred's personal belongings

Polquhairm, Ochiltree, Ayrshire
25 June 1943
Dear Fred
I am not dead, many a time I think of you, I will say to myself I will write Fred tonight, but something comes my way.
            My mother and sisters are at Millmannoch tonight so I have no one to argue with so I’ll give you all the news I can. James Murdoch was telling me your Aunt at Sorn has been bad with Rheumatism, I intend to go over and see her tomorrow night. It has been very wet here for a long time now crops are not looking well at all, we simply can not get on with the work, we are busy clipping sheep and should be at the hay but can not get a dry day.
            My sister ate Millminnoch had got a little baby girl about one month old, both are well. I have a good night with Campbell now and again but on the whole I am leading a very quiet life, it is to difficult to get workers and when you have got to get dug into the work every morning yourself well you wonder the next morning if the night before was worth it. How are you getting along having a good time with the girl. I wish I was young like you again and well I don’t know, if you get married you are young well the wife gets old along with you and I sometimes wonder if a moan at 35 and his wife the same if he would not like a young thing. Don’t make any comment when you are answering. How do think the battle is going. Germany is getting a taste of what she has given to other nations, it must ne terrible in some of those much bombed cities. The allied Air France must have a terrible strengthGod knows when it will end. Well Fred be careful in all things as one small mistake can waste a fife for ever, hoping to see you soon.
The baby mentioned is Jean Piper Wilson born 8 May 1943, she if the daughter of Alex Wilson & Jane Piper. Jane is a sister to Archie, that wrote the letter.  Jean Piper Wilson and her husband David Caldwell immigrated to Manitoba and I met her through a niece of Tom’s. Small world.!

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