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Letter 49: June 20, 1943

Letter 49: June 20, 1943
From his father
This letter was returned with his personal belongings

Tuxford, Sask
June 20, 1943 
Dear Fred
            We received your welcome letter wrote on May 30th got it on 18th so it made good time. You mention about having to land at another field on account of engine trouble. I answered the one about getting your kit bad burned up by Blue envelope & how sorry we was to hear about it. Did you get my cable after the Raid on Essen that was funny, there is always a short CBC news broad cast at 5;30 every evening but I never listen it but this night Edith had gone to town with Betty Lamb & Vetta & I went home & turned on the radio, started up the oil stove & it happened to be turned to CBK & the news come on they told about the big Raid on Essen, how many planes was lost then they said P.O Heinz from Regina & F/Sgt Piper from Tuxford got their planes badly damaged but was able to bring them home & boy what a thrill I got that was the first intimation I had that you had got into the egg laying business it was also in the Moose Jaw Paper next day but I cabled you that night. I am going to try & get a few Razor blades tomorrow & put in this letter along with a few snaps I have one of Claud Gebhard getting his wings pinned on & one taken in the Old Country after he got his Commission & his Bro in it his mother gave me them both I think I’ll send you the last one she gave me I told you he was posted as missing. R.T. got word the other day where David is Buried in Germany. Hope you have seen Jack Edwards before this & I was also glad to hear that you had ran in to Charley Poulter one of the Straubs, Phils boy is suppose to be on that squadron to you did not put your address on your last letter at all but I noticed that you had it stamped I am going to get the number of the squadron from lidueards. I am also enclosing a few other snap one of Edith & I taken out in front. The farmers have had quite a time getting last years crop off this spring as it has rained a lot & last night when we was in Moose Jaw it come up a thunder storm & it rained like Hell again but the new crop needed it. I have been as busy as could be all spring, I am getting work from across the valley now to as the old blacksmith at Chamberlain sold out & they claim the one who bought it don’t know anything. Archie says he is going to start his holidays on July 1st so I am trying to get him & Muriel to come down here & Archie can look after the shop & Edith & I are going to take a trip to Alberta & take in the first day of the Calgary stampede which starts on July 5th. Your new ma & I are getting along fine & we are very happy & she sends her love to you. I will enclose pens & Bobbies address to you seeing that you lost them. Mel Rowan is home Discharged Edith says his mother say so he was in Hospital a lot of time with numming ears & what have you, I think yellow streak up his spine as well . I have picked out a lot of snaps that I think you will like to have so I’ll close now the envelope will be pretty full with best love from Ma & I your loving Dad
PS we have decided to send the snaps under separate cover as it was going to be to much for an envelope & they might have got damaged

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