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Letter 48: June 15, 1943

Letter 48: June 15, 1943


June 15/43 

Dear Ellen

            Hi Nell my old sugar plum hows the hair on your chest. I’m still going strong. Had letters the other day from you & Dad & glad to hear you had such a nice weekend at Tuxford & also that you like Edith. Dads last Airmail letter sure came in a hurry, posted on May 28. He was telling me about hearing my name over the radio about me being on the raid to Essen & also that it was in the paper. I knew I’d get my name in radio some day eh what.

            I haven’t made many raids so far but I’m coming along. My crew are all well, I told you we had one Englishman in the crew well we got rid of him & got a Canadian instead, we had a little trouble with the English fellow. My crew & I had a few days leave last week so Ron (from Moose Jaw) & I went to Newcastle where we had a grand time, sure met some lovely people especially females. There are not many forces around there so that helps a lot.

            I think I told you that John Edwards & Charlie Poulter are stationed here on the ground crew. John & Ron went out for a few beers one night & had a good old conflab, just like old times.

            We have to walk a little ways from the camp to eat & there is a farm house on the way there, Ron & I were going for dinner today & we walked up to farm house & talked very nice to the lady & she sold us 4 eggs, we really had a swell dinner.

            About Netta in S.Wales well things were getting a bit serious so I had a big chat when I was there on my last leave & I told her she had better step out with other fellows once in awhile because I wasn’t the marrying type, we still write though & are good friends. I received the silk stockings from you Ellen just a few days ago & thanks a million, it was sure swell of you to do it. I haven’t received the cigarettes as yet but will likely soon & thanks a lot for them to. I received some cigarettes from Dad & the Tuxford cigarette fund the other day. I received a parcel also from MRs Gelhard of Liberety with candy & bars in it & it was sure swell.

            Well Ellen enough for this time & hoping this finds you well.
            Your loving brother

On the same day as he wrote this letter, 15 June 1943, he was assigned to Squadron 434 in Tholthorpe, Yorkshire

The unit was first formed at RAF TholthorpeUnited Kingdom on 13 June 1943, flying the Handley Page Halifax Mk V. On 13 August 1943 it flew its first operational sortie, a bombing raid across the Alps to Milan, Italy


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