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Letter 47: June 13, 1943

Letter 47: June 13, 1943
From Dorothy Newsham, Radisson, SK
This letter was returned with his personal belongings


Radisson, Sak

June 13, 1943


Dear Fred

            I received a letter from you today, it was grand to hear from you again; but I was awfully sorry to hear that you lost most of your personal belongings. Things like that mean so much to a person when you are away from home. I know I’d certainly feel bad if I lost any of your letters or pictures.

            I went home this week-end. I just got back here, unpacked by suit-case and felt like writing to you so here I am. Friday noon Madge phoned out and told me that if I wanted, I could get a ride home this week-end. My girl friend from North Battleford had just phoned on Wednesday and invited me up for the weekend but I though I would go home, as I hadn’t been home since September and didn’t know when I would be home again, so I phoned Nel and she said any weekend would be okday with her. Went into Radisson after school and Madge and I took the bus in Saskatoon. The man that took us home used to live at Evesham and Madge and Harvey boarded there when they taught in Evesham. We left Saturday morning, had dinner at Donavan at one of Mr McLeod’s aunts. Got home in the pm. Were they ever surprised to see us. Madge was just dying to get home to see Marilyn. Muriel is at home now with her baby, she’s a darling. Pete is in the army, in the railroad unit. Saturday night Muriel and I stayed home, but the rest went to town. We intended leaving home at noon today, but it started to rain, so left at 10, had dinner in Dundurn. As we came along the highway from Dundurn I said “Was it ever a miracle that Fred found me that day he came up to see me, “All those trees and Haultain being such a desolate country. You really must have known your country.

            We brought Marilyn back with us. Were her dad and grandpa ever glad to see her, she’;; sure run the legs off them. We came back on the train tonight 7:30, had supper, then I began to worry how I was going to get out of here, Just then some people from my district called for me, so my problem was solved.

            It’s two weeks since I wrote to you last, lets see, what else have I done since then. There was a dance in town two weeks ago. Bob & I went to that. The next day Muriel (nurse, married) and I got a hold of the doctors coupe and went for a long drive. At night Bob, Ernie (cop), Muriel and I drove down to Borden to a party. The following Wednesday we were invited to another party in that district. This family are very musical and have an orchestra, so they played for us and we danced.

            Friday there was a big field meet in Radisson all the surrounding schools entered. My school won the cup, are they proud of themselves. In the evening Helen, Muriel, Bob and I went to a wedding dance in Fielding, but I didn’t enjoy it much. Saturday night Bob went back to Vancouver and Ernie went to North Battleford. We have a new cop here now.

            Well Fred, I have just two weeks and two more days of school left. Oh my shattered nerves. And I don’t know yet what I am going to so next term. I couldn’t stand to teach another year. What shall I do?

            I was glad to hear that you had a grand time on your leave. Have you got a girl friend in South Wales? Or is that too personal a question or none of my business.

            Gee Fred I can’t even think of a good joke to tell you, I must be slipping. So theres only one thing for me to do, ring off for this time.

            I hope this letter finds you well and keep on bringing those planes home safely.

            Goodnight dear


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