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Letter 44: May 11, 1943

Letter 44: May 11, 1943
From 1659 Conversion Unit


May 11, 1943
Dear Ellen
            Just returned from leave a few days ago & should have written sooner but you know how it is Nell everything is so unsettled when one gets to a new station. When we finished O.T.U we got (17) seventeen days leave which I sure enjoyed. Tex & Ron & I went to London, I stayed a couple of days there & then went down to South Wales to Netta’s place. Murder McKenzie had just finished O.T.U. & he was also on leave in S.Wales (he is a New Zealander & we were both stationed at Pembrey), we spent a few afternoons together at the old camp & have a few beers with some of the boys. Netta & her family treated me swell & I enjoyed myself. On the 2nd of May Murder & I went to Ilford to cousin Bessies where we stayed the rest of our leave. Bessie & Joan & Auntie May & Ethyle were all well. Joan expects to be a Mother in a few months. Cousin Joe got Weds afternoon off & he took Murder & I to London & he sure showed us a good time, we took in a swell leg show in the afternoon & legs weren’t the only things we saw.
            On Thursday night I came up to York & then in the morning came out to the camp. I’ll be flying 4 engine bombers here so you can see they are getting bigger every time. We are billeted in a big old mansion & go back & forth from the camp in a bus.
            When our kit bags arrived at this camp a fires started amongst them & I lost all mine (3 of them), it wasn’t to bad losing my Air Force stuff but I lost my picture albums with all my snaps & other personal stuff, I sure felt damned blue for a couple of day. The weather didn’t help things as it has been miserable as hell since we arrived here.
            I’ve had several letters from you Ellen & thanks for all the news & also the clippings from the paper. Say Ellen you stay at your job & forget about joining things.
            Have had several letters from Dad & he sent me a couple of snaps of him & Edith & she looks okay to me. I also received the snap of you in your letter & it is a good one & thanks. And also thanks for remembering my birthday & sent me some smokes, I’ll likely receive them soon.
            Well Ellen enough for now & hoping this finds you well.
            Your loving brother

After Fred returned from his leave he was posted to the 1659 Conversion Unit on 8th May 1943
The 1659 Conversion Unit was newly opened in March of 1943 at Topcliffe, Yorkshire, England.
This would be an introduction to heavy Bombers prior to a final posting to an operational squadron

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