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Letter 45: March 24, 1943

Letter 45: March 24, 1943
From Bert Taylor of Tuxford, SK
This letter was returned with his personal belongings


Tuxford May 24 1942  (this should be 1943 as the envelope is stamped 1943)


Hello Fred

            Received your letter on the 20th, 1 month from the time you wrote it. Was glad to hear from you. Got a letter from Les Clark last spring , answered it right away but received no answer so I don’t know if he got it or not, you might ask him if you see him. Sloan just pulled up and left last fall so it makes it rather bad Moose Jaw is the closest place. I went in Friday night on the train and came out Saturday on the afternoon bus, they only run one bus each way now. I got a fair amount of beer Fri night but had no way of packing any back for the old bus was loaded right to the gunnels. I was in last winter several times with Howard Lockwood four days on stretch. New Years Eve was the last time until last Friday.

            Mrs Storry has moved to Moose Jaw and Garnet Rowan bought her house here in the village, is going to live here. Jim Barry sold his cottage to Jim McCarthy. J Edwards quit his place of business bought Bob Blacks house.

            I suppose you know you old man is married again. Sure are a lot of the boys from here in England now in fact Tuxford is pretty vacant at the present. Frank Hunter I don’t know where he is now the last I heard of him he was in the clink. He had got to be a Lance Corporal was away AWOL and lost his striped. Warren Bogart is working in Moose Jaw I saw him Saturday night he came out on the bus with me. They are cutting down on things have Ration Books for butter, tea, coffee, sugar, fruit, 1-26oz bottle of whiskey every 2 weeks with a permit – 3 bottles of Beer from the Beer Store and 4 from the licensed Parlors. They all sell out in the afternoon and close about 6 or 7 in the evening, often at 2pm so one has to go strong while the going is good.

            Been a cold spring here until last week turned out rather nice then yesterday and today are two ____. Jim McCarthy said the thermometer was 32 above when he got up this morning. Gordon Clark was in Africa for a while but got back to England . Dave Lowther is missing. Well this is about all I can think of at present. Give reguards to any of the Boys if you run in to them. So long

            Write when you have time Goodbye Be good and you will be Happy but miss a lot of fun. I remain the same old

            Bert Taylor

            Tuxford Sask


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