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Letter 34: October 12, 1942

Letter 34: October 12, 1942
Postmarked Llanelly, Camarthenshire, Wales

F/Sgt Piper F J
RCAF Overseas
Attached to
RAF Pembrey
Oct 12, 1942
Dear Ellen, Well here I am again sis and in the best of health and spirits, still going with Netta & sometimes I almost think I am in love but I can’t believe myself (keep it quiet) Took her to a show last night.
            I’m on Duty Pilot tonight so she phoned me up. I won’t finish this tonight as I have a joke to put in it’s in my bunk & I forgot it.
            The weather has been kind of changeable lately but since winter is approaching this has to be expected, still doing a fair amount of flying though. Still haven’t had any word of a posting as yet so it looks like I’ll be here for a few months yet. I’ve been here so long now it almost like a second home to me now. On the 27th Sept was one year since I had left home. That was the night we had the big dinner in the Sgts Mess & Poison Preston & I got stewed to the eyebrows (Poison, Bill is his right name is a New Zealand Air Gunner & a good Joe) we did a bit of entertaining that night.
            The Sgts were invited up to the Officers Mess a week ago Monday for a games & beer night, it was a good night & I got a nice glow on. Except for these special evenings I’ve still kept off the beer almost completely.
            Been playing quite a bit of bridge lately in the mess, the Poles are really hot a bridge, they used to play a lot in Poland, they keep score quite a bit different, for instance one thing, for every trick one makes above there bid they get 100 above the line.
New Day  I haven’t received a letter from you since I wrote you last but will likely get one any day now I haven’t received a letter from Archie for a hell of a long time. I had one from Dad a few days ago, I had a nice letter from Vivian Mahan & I understand she working as a phone operator at Caron airport, why did she quit school teaching. I had a parcel from Dutch the other day of chocolate bars & carmels which was sure swell.
The Story--- There was a fellow who was a proper “Mommys Boy” His mother had told him that if he ever thought, looked or touched a woman he would die. Well there was a new maid & one day after his mother had gone out, the maid undressed & lay down on the couch “Come On” she said to the fellow, but he said “No”  “Come on don’t be so stupid” she said “No’ he said “My mother told me that if I ever thought, looked or touched a woman I would die, and I believe her because part of me is stiff already”
            Well Ellen solong for this time, hoping this finds you well
            Your loving brother

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