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Letter 35: November 17, 1942

Letter 35: November 17, 1942
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November 17, 1942
Dear Nell
            You mentioned in one of your recent letters that you enjoyed a certain letter from me when I was stewed, well here I am again but just feeling in a good mood. I stayed in tonight & have wrote 4 letters & have been drinking as I write consequently I am feeling a bit lubricated. I received 300 cigarettes from you the other day Ellen & thank you ever so much, the packages are in 25’s now, with a different aircraft on every package, swell idea.
            I received a couple of letters from you since I wrote last & thanks for all the news, I see your still single & haven’t mentioned any new runner ups for a husband, watch your step my girl (speaking from a man that’s travelled this world a bit) some day you will fall hard & he will just ignore you, if I wasn’t your brother I would really turn the heat on you, you breaker of hearts.
            You mentioned that you were off the wagon well that’s what I like to hear, by War Savings Bonds, help the war effort.
            You spoke about the University students from the east helping with the harvest, the poor farmers with those stupid Joes farting about.
Nov 19  Here I am again but sober, the Mess closed up the other night so I had to quit writing. I couldn’t finish it last night as Netta & I had tickets for a dance. It was a very good dance to & we both enjoyed ourselves. I am Duty Pilot tonight as it gives me a good chance to finish this letter.
            I received some comforts from the Canadian Red Cross last week, which were sure swell, a pair of socks, gloves, mitts, as sweater, scarf, pyjamas. They are sure well knit & the wool is lovely. There was Canadian Liaison Officer here the other day (he travels around to all RAF camps & interviews any Canadians to see if they got any troubles) I asked him about my posting & he said he’d see if he could do something but thought I would be here for awhile yet. Your boyfriend in Calgary sure has had some tough luck & I pity him. I can understand how he feels because I darn near got washed out at I.T.S in Regina on account of eye trouble if you remember. But then there are jobs on the ground which are very interesting & there are lots of other fellows who can’t fly on account of some defect.
            I passed my 500 hr flying mark the other day so now I’ll be sweating on my 600 hr total. This last month I’ve been doing quite a bit of flying & thus I’m going to appreciate my leave which starts this Sunday (Nov 22) I’m going to Scotland to Auntie Janet’s this time.
            Netta & I went to a good show the other night, James Cagney in “Captains of the Clouds” it sure is a picture made in Canada about the Bush pilots & the RCAF, I sure enjoyed & got a big thrill slao; seeing those Harvards going through there paces.
            I haven’t received the chocolate that you sent me Ellen, I sure hope it gets here, I sure have had good luck with my parcels & letters up until now so I hope it keeps up.
            You asked me if I wanted anything special for Christmas. Well Ellen thank you ever so much for asking but really there isn’t anything I need at the present time, but if I need anything at anytime I’ll let you know.
            Well Ellen I guess this is about all the news for this time so I’ll say goodbye for now, hoping you have a MERRY CHRISTMAS & A HAPPY NEW YEAR
            Your loving brother
If a woman wears a nightdress to bed, what would her husband wear
Answer- A hole in it.
You corrected me on Overseas thanks, its Pembrey not Pembrek

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