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Letter 33: September 24, 1942

Letter 33: September 24, 1942
Postmarked Bury Port, Camarthenshire, Wales

F/Sgt Piper F J
RCAF Overseas
Attached to
RAF Pembrey
Sep 24, 1942
Dear Ellen
            I received a letter from you a few says ago, #35 and it sure came in record time, about 3 weeks. I should have wrote this letter a week ago but I’ve been damn busy all week the weather was good & I was flying everyday.
            Well how did you like being boss for awhile eh. How many gallons of beer do you drink in a week Nell you must take on quite a quantity. You know that last chocolate that you sent me Ellen, well it must have gone astray as I never received it yet. This is first thing that I have not received that I know of so I’m not doing to bad, but just the same I don’t like loosing some good chocolate when it is so hard to get.
            Well Ellen I’m still rushing the same girl as I told you about, you asked me about her, well her name is Netta Williams, she is 19, good looking and she works in a factory as an accountant. She has been off work for the last few days as she has had tonsilites. I haven’t been down for two nights to see her as last night we had a big mess dinner with seven courses & it sure was swell for a change. After the dinner a New Zealander (Poison Preston) & I decided to get stewed in the mess & did we ever , we were singing & tap dancing, telling stories & I auctioned him off a horse, Did I ever feel rough this morning, I didn’t have to fly thank the Lord. I’m staying in tonight to recouperate. I just got through playing a couple of rubbers of bridge in the mess. A couple of Canadians & myself & Poison started playing one night & now its getting to quite a craze. The big card game in this country is solo, they bid in it but everyman for himself, the bidding is a lot different than in bridge.
            Here is a little story for you
Todays Coming from the Bride at Front
After a short engagement the Bridegroom delivered a strong attack along the whole front, according to plan after a short encounter, the Bridegroom made a surprise attack in the rear, followed by a pincer like movement, coupled with a strong frontal attack. Here the Bridegroom made a stand. Several attacks were made into the bride’s territory, penetrating into the interior. After a prolonged struggle the Bridegroom forced a narrow passage in the center sector & having cut the bride’s line of Communication made a withdrawal with some loss of material.  Mopping up operations are still in progress.
            Well Ellen after that one I’d better close for this time hoping this finds you well.
            As ever your loving brother

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