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Letter 14: August 25, 1941

Letter 14:  August 25, 1941


Aug 25/41 

Dear Ellen
            Well our letters crossed again so we still don’t know where we stand. I’ve been waiting for you to write & you’ve been waiting for me I suppose.
            Well your not the only one that has trouble with your tonsils because I’m in the station hospital right now on account of a sore throat & a headache caused from my tonsils. I’ve been in here 4 days now and thought likely I’d be able to get up today but no luck so far. They haven’t taken my tonsils out & I don’t think they are for one reason there are no facilities in the hospital as yet for taking out tonsils.
            We start out exams on our ground subjects this Thursday, I have had a good chance to do some studying while I’ve been in the hospital. I’ve had two of my winds test over before I got in the hospital so I have only one left after I get out.
            There isn’t much news to tell you as their isn’t very much happens here in the hospital. I sure got gyped though, the first time I’ve been in a hospital in my life and the orderlies are men, no nice young nurses taking your pulse. There are two sisters in the hospital who are both nice but we don’t see much of them.
            Ark & I went to a stag party at an airmens apartment last Sat night, then we all went to a dance later, we had quite a time, we stayed out until Sunday & got away with it okay.
            I think I could have got a 48 hr pass this weekend but then I guess these things can’t be helped.
            Did you hear about the man that had a baby? He went out with a phone office gal & she reversed the charges.
            Well Nell I guess there isn’t much more to say so I’ll say solong for now.
            Your loving brother

PS I’m enclosing a picture of myself about to take-off & one of a couple of Harvard’s which are the kind of planes we fly here.


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