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Letter 12: July 21, 1941

Letter 12:  July 21, 1941   from Yorkton, SK


July 21, 1941

Dear Ellen
            Hello Nell, the girl that locks one door & leaves the other one open so she can hear her little brother enter the house & know what time. I pity your poor kids if you ever have any. If Arch has bust both his arms he could dictate a letter to Muriel or you & it would be gladly accepted by his brother Fred, you know the one that’s in the Air Force.

            Well Ellen I guess you got back to work ok & enjoying life. Myrtle for back okay, Mr Gaull drove her to her house & I went in for a minute & said to her folks. He thought that Myrtle was my girl friend. He is quite the boy, I think he gets around a lot. We sure enjoyed our trip up here with him. Got in about ten minutes late but everything was okay.

Ark & I went to the Yorkton Fair one night but it was damned corny..

            Flying has been going okay with both of us, we each got about 25 hours flying in the Harvard’s. Been doing acrobatics lately & these planes really handle slick. Start a cross country trip tomorrow.

            I’ll have to cut this letter a little short Ellen as the lights are going out.

            So I’ll close for now
            Your loving brother


One story
            The definition of a glutton, a man that eats a chicken for breakfast, and a chicken for dinner, and a chicken for supper and goes to bed a night with a breast in one hand and a bone in the other. 

            There is a wings parade here tomorrow, that is Weds, the Australians who are senior class here ate getting their wings. They had a rehearsal of the parade this morning, the whole damn station was in it.

            I wonder if the army sergeant from Portage went to visit Archie about a couple of weeks ago. I told him to look Archie up & you to, but you were at home. I met him at Portage through a girl.

            (Sorry I forgot your box number, I’ll have to write it down)


Fred and Ellen Yorkton,SK


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