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Letter 11: July 3, 1941

Letter 11: July 3, 1941   from Portage LaPrairie, MB

July 4/41 

Dear Dad & Ellen

            Just a line to let you know that I passed my recheck (I had to have a recheck on my 50 hr check because I kind of buggared the first one up) There were 3 of us who had to have checks, we had them this morning & the other two fellows had to have another check tonight by the C.O. if they pass they will be going to Yorkton tomorrow.

            I’m writing this letter from Olies Café in Portage in about 1 ½ hrs I’ll be on the train to Yorkton, get in there about 6:30 in the morning. I’ve got in 65 hours flying time now, the check I had this morning the C.F.I. really put me through the paces, had to do everything I had over learnt (CFI means the Chief Flying Instructor)

            The rest of the boys pulled out to Yorkton last night, the reason our rechecks were held up was because of the fatal accident that occurred here, He was in Junior class that came in from the East after us. I understand it was kind of jitterness that caused it, he was always afraid when he was by himself.

            We had our flight party on Tuesday night but it was no hell, I went home early & got some sleep.

            Well there isn’t much more to say at this time so I close for now
            Your loving son & brother


My new address
Yorkton, Sask

PS Bourne should have some good friends there shouldn’t he.


During the war (in 1943) Olie's Restaurant was destroyed by fire

S.F.T.S. Service Flying Training School


Flying Training
Passed, his ability above average
Remarks  Rather slow student, tries hard but progresses slowly and will bear watching

Ground Training
Marks obtained 1039, Percentage 86.2%
Fred was 18th out of a class of 39
He ranked unsuitable for a Commissioned Rank
General Remarks  This student is rather reserved but has much self confidence, seems to be nervous whilst taking a flying test but can fly well.

To be passed to No 11 S.F.T.S
Dated July 5th, 1941

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