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Letter 6: March 26, 1941

Letter 6:   March 26, 1941    from Saskatoon SK
A.C. Piper F.J. R85176
Saskatoon Sask
Mar 26/41

Hello Nell

How the hell (it rhymes) are you, thanks for pictures of you & Dad are you sure its you or some old wench from the mental and say where did you get that old coal sack that you’ve got wrapped around you ( now don’t take it too hard sis, I think you look you look swell in your new coat is sure is a hum dinger) I guess you think the same as I do that the photo of me flatters me quite a bit, but then it’s better to have it that way as the other way. Dad does look different with his teeth in don’t he, look quite solemn in the picture you sent me don’t he. Say I had a letter form Archie the other along with a picture of Muriel is sure good one of her. Archie was sure wound up about lies that Mrs McL had started about Dad he was really het up about it & I don’t blame him. Dad hadn’t said anything to me about it though. It sure goes to show how people can change their colors don’t it Ellen, fancy her being so low and cheap to start lies around like she did. It sure as hell surprised me as you know here and I got along swell while I was home.

Well this old guard still marches on, and along with the rest of the boys getting crapped on from great heights with incredible accuracy. We’ve been getting C.B’d, put on open arrest. Moved from one hut in our day on duty into a little cramped up bloody hole called the guard house which we call the pig pen; we take turns breathing &  in the middle of the night when one comes off his beat & goes into lay down for a few hrs the air just bits you in the face like a blanket.

Jack and David are both at Brandon now, Jack along with the rest of the P.A. guards ere sent back to Brandon to wait posting to I.T.S. They were at P.A. for about six weeks and we’ll have been here six weeks a week this Friday so we might be sent back to Brandon for awhile. As far as I know Ellen we are still going to Regina I.T.S. We all like Saskatoon swell but this guard duty is getting to be the s-s. We get paid $1.30 a day while we are AC2 & 10 cents a day more when we are AC, which we are supposed to be after three months service.

I met a nice girl at a dance a week last Friday & have been going back ever since, she is a normalite from Lucky Lake, we get along swell.

Remember the gallon of wine; well four of the guards got a gallon last Friday & did a couple ever get sick &  one fellow fell on the ice in the street & cut his head open; I warned them about wine but it did know good. By the way Nell remember that Dr from Weyburn that fell in the sidewalk at Regina & a few hrs later he died from the effects. I believe his name was Dr Bird wasn’t it, well this fellow who fell on the ice & cut his head is a nephew of Dr Birds, this fellow, Rex Roe comes from Vancouver.

I haven’t been up in a plane lately as this soft weather kind of puts a crimp in flying as the field is so soft and slushy. I was up once since the other time.

I sure got a nice wrist watch from the folks at home, it is a Norwood with Iluminous dial & my name & date engraved in the back. It sure is swell, just the thing I needed as in this league a fellow wants to know the time all the time during the day & night. I awrote a letter thanking them in the best way I could.

Say Ellen I have my doubts about getting down to Weyburn to see you, if I do get to Regina as I understand they don’t give us anymore leave at I.T.S then they do here & that is O; but then it might be different which I hope so, and Ellen if I did get leave the first place I want to go would be to good old Tuxford and Dad.

We had a bad blizzard up here but I guess it wasn’t as bad as down there; I know it took me about twenty minutes to walk about 2 city blocks on my beat around the airport.

Quite a rummy game, big stakes, 15 cents after 31/2 hrs no wonder you are always broke, haven’t I ever warned you about playing for money.

Haven’t heard any new jokes lately, sorry, glad the girls enjoy them.

Well Ellen I guess I will close this letter of mine & get ready to go to Saskatoon, it’s a good thing payday is soon.

So solong
Your loving Brother
Mom in her coat that was mentioned in previous letter, bought for her by?
That Fred calls a Coal Sack in this letter


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