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Letter 7: April 1, 1941

Letter 7:  April 1, 1941   from Regina SK

Piper F J R85176
Regina Sask
 Dear Ellen
            Well here’s hoping you have reached Swift Current and are settled. I’m sorry I haven’t answer your letter sooner but I’ve been so damn busy either studying or doing guard duty (we still do that here the odd time). We’ve had four  exams one in Math, Health, Law & Administration, War gases and we have two more coming up soon, one on signals (code) & another in War Gases. I’ve made out damn good in them all I think. I’ve had two hours in the link trainers (these are miniature airoplanes) which give a person the general idea of flying on the ground.
            I passed my medical about a week ago and thought it would be clear sailing until reaching the E.F.T.S. Elementary Flying Training School when today two of us were called out for a recheck on our eyes & we were both told that we couldn’t be pilots but would have to be air-observers, this took the wind out of both of our sails as we both figured we have perfect eyes; in other words the muscles of our eyes are not coordinate. He has had tests in the army & airforce & other times & his eyes have always rated 20/20 which are perfect and mine have always rated the same. Our sight is alright but the M.O. told us we would have trouble judging when landing a plane. We both think that we have been crapped on & were going to be paraded in front of the C,O, of the station. The Medical Officer told us we could come back for another check in about a week and to get a good nights sleep before going for it, as I was up most of last night on Fire Picket. I’m hoping to beat hell that  he comes to a different conclusion; if he doesn’t though I guess I’ll have to be an observer. The observer course is tougher but they say when a person gets through the course he holds a knowledge of a B.A.
I was up to see Myrtle about a week ago & her mother was going to get up the next day for a while. I had a letter from Dad today & he wondered if I could get off next Sat afternoon & go up to Moose Jaw where he could pick me up & then go onto Swift Current. We have an exam this Sat afternoon so that puts the clamps on leaving at noon. I tried for a pass last weekend but couldn’t get it & I doubt  if I can this weekend worst luck.
Jay Sloan was down here at Regina to get his medical on Sat & he came up to the barracks & looked Jack & I up. Jay had a little money so we loaned a little off him & we had quite a night. Then on Sunday Jay & John Edwards came up & the four of us went walking around Regina.
Thanks for phoning me Ellen, It was sure good to hear your voice & I’m sorry I couldn’t get down to Weyburn but then that was nearly impossible.
Jack Edwards is talking about getting into the Air Force.
Well Ellen I guess there isn’t much more to say for this time so I will say solong for now.
Your loving brother

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