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Letter 5: March 6, 1941

Letter 6:   March 6, 1941   from Saskatoon, SK

A C 2 Piper F J
Saskatoon Sask

Mar 6/41

Dear Ellen

I received your welcome letter the other day & thanks for the stories they were very good. Well I got my photos the other from Brandon, I had to write them & jack them up about them before I got them. I just got through mailing two of them to Dad, one for Aunt Janet. Say you know Ellen that Archie owes me a letter for nearly three weeks & if he don’t soon write I’ll have to write him & jack him up.

You sure are lucky getting a fur coat bought for you, I bet it is swell.

I was out to a fellows farm last Sunday for chicken dinner, pumpkin pie & whipped cream, boy it was swell. The felloe came up here in our draft & he lives just a mile & half from town. I was up for a plane ride last week for over an hour & it was sure great after I get over a little jitterness that was incurred after the first steep banks.

Eight of us fellows got a curling game lined up last Tuesday at Granite Rink in Saskatoon. I skipped one rink &a fellow who used to teach school at Broadview in the same school that Lily Bourne teaches in, skipped the other rink. I lost by a few point but we sure enjoyed ourselves. The rink had got rubber hacks in each sheet. That same evening three us went to a dance at he the Badminton Club &we all clicked with gals in a very short time, but the hell of it was two of us didn’t have a late pass so we had to hurry & get back to barracks before twelve bells.

I hear from home that David Lowther is on call for the Airforce now. I also heard that John Mathieson has been sick & might have T.B. he had two hemorrage of the lungs.

I’m going skating tonight at the arena with another fellow I met at Brandon through Jack Lowther. By the way I had a letter from Jack Lowther the other day & he tells me that the airforce hasn’t much competition at Prince Albert because there are only 150 men in the blues up there. There are 900 men here & we don’t have any trouble so I can see that they have a damn good set up.

Next Day: I went to town to skate but there was no skating so we played snooker then went to a show.

Story column: A son who was at college used to write home to his Dad & tell him about different things he had done & had spent all his money & thus wanted some more. The father began to get sick of sending money to him so he wrote & told his son that from now on say in his letters that we done this &  we done that, because the son did the things & the dad supplied the money. About a month later the Dad received the following letter from his son “We knocked up the Mayors daughter, she had twins, mine died, what are you going to do with yours”

(2) Betty’s mother & dad were away so she asked Johnnie up for a bean supper, after supper Betty feeling she had to fart decided to go to the piano & play the Storm & when she came to the part where the thunder came in she blew herself. Johnnie who smelt the terrible odor, turned to Betty & says“I don’t mind you playing the Storm but I wish you would leave that part out where the lightning hits the shit house.

Well Ellen dear I don’t think there is much more news for the meantime so I was say so long for now.

Your loving brother
PS about that S.F.T.S. or S.T.F.S. which you were worried about, well the proper one is S.F.T.S. Service Flying Training School. Either one will get me in fact S.S.F.T. or S.T.S.F. or anything would get me

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