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Letter 4: February 25, 1941

Letter 4:  February 25, 1941  from Saskatoon, SK

Saskatoon Sask

Feb 25/41

Dear Ellen

I suppose you will be thinking it’s about time I wrote, but the reason is I’ve been transferred to Saskatoon to do some more guard duty & thus I didn’t get around to write any letters except to Dad.

There are twenty three of us, all pilots to be, came up here on Friday, arriving here about half past nine at night. We work 24 hrs on & 24 hrs off, but while on duty we have to parade up & down our beats or stand at each end continuously for two hrs, while at Brandon the guards rove all over the airport & there were always places to get warm. We work two hrs on & four hrs off.

On Sat night we all got a 6:30 in the morning pass so most of us went to a dance & I never seen so many good looking gals at one dance in my life. I thought I might be able to get home from here but my chances are very slim because we can’t get over 24 hrs off.

A lot of the boys went up for a plane ride yesterday but I didn’t because it was kind of cold but I think I will go up tomorrow morning. On our day off we can go up for plane rides. One Corporal told me this morning that I might be able too go down to Moose Jaw in a plane on one of my days off as the pilots here are always making cross country trips & they usually stay at there destination for three or four hrs.

I had my photo taken a week ago Monday in Brandon & seen the proofs the next day & they turned out very good, I couldn’t get the photos before I left do they are sending them to me and they should be here any day now so I will be enclosing it with a letter the next time I write. We took some pictures out at North Brandon & I’m enclosing one of myself in this letter so you can see what your big brother looks like in the Kings uniform

I guess you know that our uncle Will died, its too bad isn’t it, dad didn’t tell me what he died from though.

I was surprised when he told me that he was letting Mrs McLaughlin go weren’t you. I thought Dad liked her fine.

As far as the girls are concerned Wallace don’t like St Thomas he told me that the girls won’t even look at the Airforce down there.

Well old gal old gosh old stuff I guess I will close for now as I soon have to go on duty & for the last half hour shiver like a cat shitting shingle nails.

Your loving brother



My address

AC2 Piper F.J. R 85176


Saskatoon Sask


Charles Stewart was born 3 JUNE 1921, in Central Butte, Sk. The son of John Stewart and Maud Cattermole, he married Shirely Melander in 1942. Charles died 9 January 1992 in Lethbridge, AB

Warren Edgar Bogart “Bogey” was the son of Les & Myrtle Bogart. They moved to Tuxford in 1929 from Abernethy, SK. Les was a Grain Buyer for Federal Grain Co Ltd in Tuxford. After the war he worked for B.A.Oil in Calgary, Ab

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