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Letter 3: February 11, 1941

Letter 3:  February 11, 1941 From Brandon MB

Dear Ellen

I received your welcome letter the other day & I was beginning to wonder why you hadn’t written sooner because you are usually fairly prompt in answering. I was sure sorry to hear that you were sick, Warren Bogart had told me in a letter a few days before I got yours that you had been in the hospital with a very sore throat, I’m glad to hear that it is cleared up now & hope that you don’t have to go through the proceedings again.

Many Happy Returns of the day Ellen &  I will be sending you a photo of myself for a birthday present sometime in the near future, it might not be for awhile because I haven’t got a summer hat that will fit me as they haven’t got any my size in the Airman’s stores, you see all boys get their photos taken with their summer hats on as they look better.

I am at North Brandon Airport now, doing guard duty, it is about 5 miles north of Brandon. I’ve been here since a week last Monday. I like it fine out here, it is more healthy & the discipline isn’t as strict as in at the Manning Depot. There are about thirty guards out here, four Corporals, two Sergeants & one Flight Sergeant who are all swell fellows. We sleep out here but eat in at the Depot. My partner on duty is from Central Butte & we get along swell , his name is Chuck Stewart. We do two hours on duty & fours hours off & every fifth day we get a day off, our first day off was last Friday, so we spent the evening with two nice Brandon girls. Tomorrow is our next day off, that is until half past seven the following morning, & we intend to take the same girls out to a dance. Chuck don’t drink or smoke so when we go out together I naturally don’t have anything much to drink, which don’t do any harm anyway does it.

Yes Jack Lowther was drafted to Prince Albert & from what I can gather from home he likes it up there, he is doing guard duty to. I had a letter form Wallace Rowan who is in St Thomas now & he tells me that the girls down there won’t even look at the Air Force.

Mickey was sure as the devil very good to you when you were sick, there wasn’t much else he could have done for you was there, by the way he treats you when you are sick I think myself that he would make a damn good steady boy friend if you wanted one.

By the way Howard Jones was drafted to Swift Current last week so if he does happen to call to see you later on, he will likely go to the Telephone Office, he tried for a leave at the end of last month but he didn’t get it.

One Joke Johnie told Betty if he put 5 beans on the table in a row he could fart & blow them all off, he tried but only managed to blow 3 off. Then Betty tried and succeeded in blowing the bunch off on the floor. Johnie looked surprised & and said “let me what you’ve got up there”after he had looked he looked at her & said “oh that ain’t fair you’ve got two barrels”

Joke Henry who was a very fine & upright lad married Lucy a very fast woman whose box was like a tub. The first night they were married, Lucy figured she had better pad her box up a little so Henry would not be discussed with its size. Henry couldn’t seem to get any place so Lucy retired to the bathroom & removed the padding. After returning Henry could swim in her & he said “ what did you do to make such a difference, Lucy answered “ I used some snake oil which enlarges it. The next day Henry, who was a telephone man, was working up on pole & a bee kept buzzing around his head and after he takes several swings at it, he got very provoked & he swore & said “by damm if I had some of the wifes snake oil here, I would ram this telephone pole up your ass.

Well my dear little sister I guess I had better sign off for this time , so long

Your loving brother

Warren Bogart was born Warren Edgar Bogart to Les and Myrtle Bogart in Abernethy Sk. The family came to Tuxford in 1929. Les was a Grain Buyer for Frederal Grain Co Ltd. Warren or "Bogey" as he was called worked for B.A.Oil in Calgary after the war. He died there in 1994 at the age of 70
Charles Stewart was born 3 June 1921, in Central Butte, SK, to John Stewart and Maud Cattermole. He married Shirley Melander in 1942 and they had 5 children. Charles died 9 January 1992 in Lethbridge AB

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