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Letter 2: January 23, 1941

Letter 2: January 23, 1941, from Brandon, MB



Brandon Man

Jan 23/41

Dear Ellen

Excuse the pencil as I’m out of ink at the present, you might think I’m a little late in writing but there are so many letters to write & things to do.

I had a nice visit with Archie & Muriel & they sure have a nice suite, I went to a show with them on Sat night & on Sun we went to church & then we had a turkey dinner. When I got back to Moose Jaw I slept with Dwaine Wiste that night. The two nights I spent in Regina I was with a Massey Crew one night & one night I got feeling kind of high & I went to the dance at the Frienon & I was with John Edwards part of the night.

Well things have been going along fairly good here, Wallace was sent to ST Thomas last Thurs, but Jack is still here. There are 120 pilots being shipped out to Calgary on Sat &; there are a few from Jacks flight but not him though. I don’t know how long I will be in Brandon but most of the boys stay here for about 6 or 8 weeks. I went to a dance last Sat & I went skating last night, I don’t know what I’ll do tonight but I’ll find something to do because a person can always write letters.

Our flight were our on the street yesterday doing some drill & another flight came marching along, well when they came up to us they had to stop, well the corporals in charge of each flight started kidding each other & the boys in the other flight started to grin & laugh at us so our corporal gave an order to us, with a flourish thumb your noses at that bunch so the bunch of us thumbed our noses at them, some fun. We sure have some fairly descent Officers here & this sure makes things a lot better.

The boy in the next bunk to me who lives outside of Weyburn near Yellow Grass is going to call on you when he goes home on leave the first time, his name is Howard Jones, he is red headed & a hell of nice guy, he might go home at the end of the month so you give me your address so I can tell him where to look you up, the idea is not for a date but just so he can give my best regards to you & tell you how I’m flourishing or otherwise. I’ve showed several boys your picture & they all say boy you got a good looking sister, but don’t go a get a swelled head now. I got a letter from dad yesterday & I’ve heard from Archie & Muriel & also from Warren Bogart. You were asking what boys were down there at Weyburn, well Mel Rowan & Donald Barry are supposed to be down there. You were telling me how to look after myself well you remember the night I tried to tell you something about the gallon of gouph or wine, well know you know everything, you’ve been around, well I’ve been around I know a few things, I know all the chips already, Flat-foot flousy, Rosy round hole, Mary the Mug, Alice the Goon &  all the rest of them.

Well I guess there isn’t much more news at the present so I will close for the present.

Your loving brother


This is the picture of Ellen that Fred was showing the boys


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