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Letter 58: August 15, 1943

Letter 58: August 15, 1943
From his father, returned with Fred's personal belongings

Aug 15th 1943
Dear Fred
            Well we received your welcome letter of post mark July 1st & was sorry to hear about your friend Murder McKenzie, you must have thought a lot of him. I saw a letter from Jack Edwards about you being posted, he also hold his mother to tell me about the plane allotted to you, that you did not like, just when you were posted & about it being the only ship that did not come back from next raid. I hope your new squadron lives up to your expectations. So you can still make the odd Ringer, we don’t play here any more. I hope your promotion is as you expected it in a few days. I think it is coming to you a long time ago. So Archie thinks I don’t write to him often enough, well as you say, who is he to talk about writing. I have been busy, I try & keep writing to you & also Henry Wallin & now that Bob is over there I’ll have to write to him. Oh by the way we had a letter from Ken the other day & he had a letter from Bob & Bob had told him about you being cited for bringing that ship home shot up. Last week I sent you an ordinary letter with some more snaps in it you may get this before you get it. Glad to hear that your cigarettes are arriving regular. We have Edith’s mother with us just now, she is from Columbus Indiana, she is going on up to Alberta & to Vancouver before she goes back. We also have Veda Wallin & her husband Ernie Merkle, he is in the transport div of the RCAF, he has been posted away up on the Labrador coast for 6 months & he’s on leave but is posted to Regina, no telling where he will go from there, maybe overseas as Labrador is considered overseas. We are taking them down to Briercrest this afternoon, they are going to visit a sister of Ernies who is married & lives down there, his home is near Langbank south of Broadview. Andy Houghton is home on his Embarkation leave just now, he is in the Trucking Dept of the RCAF to. Billie Staples ot married on Aug 4th, he married a niece of Muriel’s from Maple Creek, she taught school at Blofield. They are pulling down the old Hotel now so that will be another landmark missing soon. Well Fred this is about all for the present, hoping that old Lady Luck is still with you, hoping to hear from you soon again with best love from Edith, Tom & I. Your loving Dad

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