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Letter 41: March 25, 1943

Letter 41: March 25, 1943
Postmarked Worcestershire, England

RCAF Overseas
Attached to RAF Overseas
Mar 25, 1943
Dear Ellen
            Well here I am again and going strong, that is as strong as possible. I’m still at O.T.U. which I told you about before, in about 3 to 4 weeks I will be finished here & then for leave & then to a squadron where I might be flying large 4 engine aircraft.
            Haven’t received hardly any mail from home lately, just a couple of Airmail letters from Dad & Warren Bogart, I think something has happened to the mail because none of the boys are getting any.
            Dad told me in his letter that he was being married on the 27th of this month. I sent him a Cablegram congratulating him. In one of his letters from Vancouver he told me he had ideas about marriage. What do think about it Ellen, I think Dad is doing a smart thing as he needs someone reliable around the house. I had a letter from Auntie Janet yesterday & she said she was sure surprised when she got the letter from Dad but she thought it was the best thing for Dad to do.
            Well Ellen I’ve finished my first cross country solo & expect to start night flying any night now. We finish our lectures tomorrow & then we go to Flights all day long until the course is over. I’m sitting in the Mess at present time with some of my crew Tex & Ron & Frenchy & we are drinking the odd pint as we write letters. You know what within 4 yds of where I’m sitting there are four fellows all from Moose Jaw & I knew them all casually before the war. Ron is from Moose Jaw. The other night some of us were in a Pub & we started the old Moose Jaw Miller cry & damn near brought down the ceiling.
            Last week our Flight got a 24 hr pass so we went to a near by city & went to a dance & stayed all night. I sure enjoyed the dance; I got hold of a couple of girls that could really jive & jam. I mean jitterbug, did I ever bear down & get hep, I wore a couple of inches off the floor in places. I lost about ten lbs in perspiration. Last night Tex & Ron & I got an invite to a nurses dance so we went in & the dance was cancelled so we went to a Pub & then to another dance.
            I haven’t been out much since I’ve been here as the Canadian War Services look after us fellows fairly well with picture shows, a lot of shows are a bit old but up to now I haven’t seen many of them.
            I write to Netta quite often, I’m going there for my leave as I told you before, I’m sure looking ahead for my next leave, Netta & I are going to have a swell time , I don’t mean maybe,
            I sure think I got a swell crew & that means a big thing, because if the fellows in a crew can’t get along with each other well it isn’t a good thing. On my cross country trip the other day we passed a few miles from my old camp in S.Wales, it was sure good to look at familiar country again.
            You’ve heard me speak of Jack Holden my pal at Pembrey, well I had a letter from him today & he has been promoted to Flight Sergeant & another pilot down there has been stripped to an AC2 for continuous misconduct.
            Well Ellen about all for this time & hoping this finds you well & still in love.
            So adieus for now
            Your loving brother
Fred mentions Tex, Ron and Frenchy
Tex is Robert Carson Jordan from Texas
Ron is Ronald Connor from Moose Jaw
Frenchy is Joseph Renaud from Montreal

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