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Letter 31: August 1, 1942

Letter 31: August 1, 1942
Postmarked Bury Port, Camarthenshire, Wales

Can (R85176)
F/Sgt Piper F J
RCAF Overseas
Attached to
RAF Pembrey
Aug 1/42
Dear Ellen
            My only sister, me eldest sister, my youngest sister, my best sister, hi ya babe whats cooking in Outlook. The time is exactly 10 to 1 at night on Aug 1 1942. I have just evacuated myself from a game of snooker in the Sgts Mess, before partaking in this game (which I won) I took on a few pints of beer this I am feeling in the pink, in fact I think I am a bit stewed..
            I am still going with the same girl I informed you about in the past and I still think she is swell. I have been off the beer & other alcoholic beverages for about 5 weeks, tonight though I decided to stay in the Mess & I evidently ran into a beer party in which I joined. I am sitting in my bunk at the present time, my bunk mate (The American) has been posted so I have the room to myself.
            I informed you in my last letter that I have been promoted to the rank of Flight Sergeant. I am still flying the twin engine aeroplanes I told you about & getting along hunky-dory. I am going on leave in about a week & a half. I’m going to visit Mother’s niece first who lives in Ilford & then I’m going to catch the rattler to Scotland. By the way what do you think of this pen, I bought it second hand for 7 bob, it is almost impossible to by a new pen these days. I was lucky to get this one & it is the best pen I ever had (excuse the writing as you understand the circumstances)
            I have been to few good shows lately & I was at a big dance the other night, but I’m going to tell you something I didn’t enjoy dancing like I used to. I guess maybe it is the different style of dancing in this country, they don’t seem to get in the groove & beat it out like we do back home. Remember the New Years night Ellen in Temple Gardens when you & I were a bit stewed & we started to Jib a little & almost got kicked out by that bald headed old Jackass. Remember the night at Heath’s barn dance when you got sick on wine. Haw Haw, don’t take it to heart Nell I’m only kiddling. I told you I received the chocolate Ellen & thank you ever so much again it was swell. Well Nell I think I’d better sign off for this time, I received a letter from you about 9 days ago & thanks for all the news. I hope you had a good holiday & decided on which man you love most, (oh these woman what fickle things they are) I hope you didn’t get to stewed on your living bonus you received, sure must have been a terrible storm you had when it took trees out by the roots.
            Well again I say goodbye for now
            Your loving brother
PS I was out revolver shooting on the range the other day & boy what a shot I am, they call me “Killer” Piper now.

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