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Letter 29: July 1, 1942

Letter 29: July 29, 1942
Postmark blacked out

Can R85176
Sgt Piper F J
RCAF Overseas
Attached to No1 AGS
July 1/42
Dear Ellen
            Hello Babe watcha doin of tonight, lets step out.
            Received a welcome letter from you the other day and thanks for all the news, it looks like Tuxford district is going marriage crazy, you’d think marriage would keep them out of the army or something.
            Listen my dear sister I don’t like to obstruct inlistments but seeing you’re my sister & I think I can give you a little advice, if I was you I won’t join the army as a telephone operator, girls in the Armed Forces seem to get a tough name for some reason or the other. I don’t agree with this though in the biggest percentage of the girls. And also you are doing a job that has to be done & you are making more money than you will in uniform doing the same job.
            I think I’ve told you before that there are two Flights on this station, Towing & Gunnery Flight, well I’ve been flying Towing Flight flying Lysanders (single engine) but now I’m transferred to Gunnery Flight which have Blenheim Bombers (twin engines). I’ve only had about an hours dual though but I think I’m going to like them, the idea is to give the pilots experience in flying both types of aircraft. It looks like I’ll be here for quite awhile yet.
            I was at a dance in a town close to the camp about a week & a half ago & met a swell gal who I escorted home & I’ve been going down to see her ever since. I’ve been at her house quite a bit & have had some lash up grub.
            Her Dad has asked me to go fishing with him, trout, he is going to supply me with a rod. This girl reminds me of you as she can sure talk, they also tell her that she has been vaccinated with a gramophone needle. Her uncle is in the Canadian Army over here. She don’t drink so I’ve almost cut out drinking since I’ve met her.
            I’ve been trying my hand at a few different games lately, lawn bowls & golf and I’ve been playing quite a bit of badminton, they have three tennis courts on the station but I haven’t played on them at all. Lawn bowls is a mixture of curling & inside bowling. Speaking of inside bowling, a person hardly ever see a bowling alley in the country. Snooker & Billards are played a lot over here. I’ve seen kids that could hardly see over a table playing billards in this country, the age limit for a snooker hall over here is about 14 or 15 while it is 18 at home, & also the age limit in Pubs over here is 18 while it is 21 at home.
            I had a funny thing happen last night, a girl who I don’t know phoned me up & asked me to meet her. I already had a date so I didn’t accept, that’s going pretty far don’t you think Ellen.
            This being July 1st I just heard a salute to Canada over the radio, it being the Anniversary of Canada’s beginning (Dominion Day) I had forgot about it, it made me stop & think about all the Sports days that would be going on including Swift Currents big day.
            My old byce is still gliding along, even though it is one fender short & one peddle had just an axle left. I ride it down to see the girl all the time.
            We are having another dance in the Sgts Mess next Friday so it should be another big affair or something.
            Well Ellen I guess this about all for this time so I’ll say goodbye for now
            Your loving brother
PS Just listening to Bing Crosby singing on the radio    (over)
PS I saw Lou Castello & Bud Abbot in “Keep Em Flying” awhile ago & I sure enjoyed it.

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