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Letter 16: Ocotber 6, 1941

Letter 16:  October 6, 1941   from Halifax, NS

No 1 Y Depot          (Y is Overseas Transit)
Halifax Nova Scotia
Dear Ellen
            Well I arrived in Halifax okay, got here on the night of Oct 1st. I hope you arrived in Outlook okay & it isn’t as bad as you figured it would be.
            Halifax isn’t much of a place; it’s a dammed dirty looking town, old buildings & narrow streets. There isn’t even any beer parlors here, a person has to buy any beer or other drinks at the liquor store before 6 o’clock.
            I met a girl the first night in town & I was up to see her last night. I was at a dance the first night in town, but didn’t enjoy it so much as the girls here dance in a different style then in the west. One good thing is that when we can buy beer it only costs 25 cents for a big quart twice as big as the bottles in Sask & it is 9% alcohol.
            We had a fairly good trip coming down here; we were about 7 hrs late getting into Montreal on account of wash outs in the railway track. We sure saw a lot of trees & water & rock on the way down here, and the farms are they ever small damn near 4 farm houses in a section of land & are the houses ever dilapidated hardly any of them are painted.
            Don’t hardly expect we will be here long; in fact some of our boys were drafted today & will maybe leave tomorrow so we won’t be long. I had my first view of the ocean yesterday & the ships. We climbed up to the top of a hill called Citadel Hill & sat down & drank beer & ate peanuts & looked out in the ocean, quite a site.
            We sure have it soft here. Just two parades a day, in the morning at 8:30 & at noon & then we are free until 8:30 the next morning.
            There sure are lots of navy, soldiers & airmen here & sailors from all countries & there seems to be quite a few brawls, but this is one Joe that’s staying clear of brawls.
            Well Ellen I guess there isn’t much more to say for now so I’ll say solong for now
            Your loving brother
PS When you write me you had better address your letters to
            Sgt Pilot Piper F J R85176
RCAF in care of
RAF Records

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