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Letter 63: October 25, 1943

Letter 63: October 25, 1943
To Grandpa from Fred's old school teacher


2730 W 16th Ave
Vancouver, BC
Oct 22, 1943


Dear Mr Piper

            I can’t tell you with what regret I heard the news about Fred, and I can imagine what a blow it is to you. Even your pride in him doesn’t seem to lessen your sense of loss, I’m sure.

            Some months ago the Lowther’s sent me a snapshot of Fred and Jack and it took me back in memory to the years when they were nice little boys in my class. Fred gave us all many a hearty laugh. He had such a keen sense of humour and a way of making us all see the funny side of things. I wouldn’t have believed in those days that they would ever be called upon to fight for me and the rest of us – that we night have liberty. We are going to miss all these fine young chaps in the days to come. The very finest of them were the first to be picked off it seems.

            I am taking it for granted that this will find you in Tuxford, and that if you are not there- that it will be forwarded to you

            Very sincerely yours

            Rella Hunter


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