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Letter 38: Febraury 10, 1943

Letter 38: February 10, 1943
Postmarked Worcestershire, England

F/S Piper F J
RCAF Overseas
Attached to
Dear Ellen
            Hi ya Nell how is every little thing. Well I’ve been posted at last from [CUT OUT]
I think I told you in my last letter that I was going on a course, well I went on the coarse which lasted for [CUT OUT] when I returned to [CUT OUT] there was a posting waiting for me to come to this station, which is an O.T.U. I told you I was [CUT OUT] to get on fighters well it looks like I’m cut out to fly bombers which they have here. They are all Canadians & a few Americans in the RCAF on the course & it is good to get back with the boys again.
            I’ve chumed up with a American from Texas & he is a good Joe, he reminds me a lot of Arky. We are allowed to pick our own crews, Tex is the Bomb Aimer, a fellow from Moose Jaw is the Wireless Air Gunner & a French Canadian is the Rear Gunner & another American is the Navigator, we should have a damn good crew.
            We haven’t done any flying since we came here, been taking lectures all the time which sure [missing words from cut out on front page]
            It [missing words from cut out on front page] fairly good camp but it is a bit hard to get anyplace in the evening as we [ missing words from cut out on front page] be in by 11:00 every night, just like when I was in AC2, the officers on the course are the same. All the fellows have only [missing words from cut out on front page] here a few months & there are two fellows from Moose [missing words from cut out on front page] the course who I knew casually before. The Sgts Mess is a nice one with two nice lounges & the food is good, it sure is a lot better then [CUT OUT}.
I haven’t been out of camp since I arrived here just sat in the mess with Tex and drank a little beer. This is Sat & we have the afternoon off so I think I’ll go out tonight to a little Pub down the road. Have to go to church tomorrow as they have a compulsory church parade on the station, they have pictures shows about 4 times a week in the station.
            Well Ellen this is about all for now so I’ll say goodbye for now & I’ll write soon
            Your loving brother
On February 9th, 1943 Fred was transferred to 23O.T.U ( 23 Operational Training Unit) in Pershore, Worcestershire, England.
The crews that trained at Pershore were mainly Canadian, there is a large Canadian War Grave Section at the Worcester Cemetery, many of these were lives lost due to training accidents which occured in and around Pershore.


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