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Letter 26: April 24, 1942

Letter 26: April 24, 1942
Postmark blacked out

(Can) R85176 Pilot Piper F J
RCAF Overseas
Attached to No1 AGS  RAF
April 24/42
Dear Ellen
            So sorry I didn’t write this letter earlier Ellen but I’ve been so busy flying lately, that at night I haven’t felt like writing letters. We’ve been really doing a lot of flying this month. I’ve put in over 35 hours this month already, my total hours flying here are about 120 hours.
            I received a letter Ellen from you the other day, the one with Dad’s letter enclosed with bad news about S.Astleford. I had already heard about it Ellen & it sure was a surprise & shock to me.
            My roommate Sgt Zee (a Yank) is on leave at present time so I have my boudoir all to myself. My best chum Sgt Holden is also on leave. I will sure be glad when my next leave comes along, it is May about the 13th, it will be nice weather & everything will be so nice, it should be swell for trout fishing in the Ayr river. I intend going into London for a few days before I go to Scotland.
            I had a letter from John Barber the other day, this is the first time I’ve been in contact with him since I’ve been over here. I also had another letter from David Lowther but he still hadn’t any word of Jack arriving over here.
            On my day off last week I went into one of the larger cities in Wales & spent the day. I saw Joe Loss & his orchestra in person & a vaudeville with him, it was really worth seeing. On my day off next week three fellows who I trained with in Canada & who are stationed about 30 miles from here are coming over in the morning & take me back to their station for the day.
            Another of the fellows who I trained with in Canada landed here the other day in an Anson, he is on an Air Observors School, he was only able to stay for about half an hour so we didn’t have much chance to say much.
            The R.A.F. are really banking Germany these days aren’t they, give them a taste of their own medicine..
            By the way Ellen I had a letter from Auntie Janet the other day & she mentioned that she hadn’t had a letter form you for a long time and that she would like to hear from you.
            We had a big dance in the Sgts Mess last week & it was a fairly good night, many people stewed.
            I went to a show last night and saw Laurel & Hardy in “Great Guns” it was the first time I had seen them for ages & it was a damn good show.
            I’m getting to be quite the badminton player, I’ve been playing quite a bit lately, it sure makes you sweat.
            Well Nell I guess this is about all for now so I’ll say goodbye for this time.
            Your loving brother
PS Do you know which end of the cigarette is the feminine end “ The end that you take the draws from”
S.Astleford: Stewart Astleford, was an uncle of Jack and David Lowther, from Tuxford. Died March 1942 at the age of 46 

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