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Letter 22: January 20, 1942

Letter 22: January 20, 1942
Postmarked Bury Port, Camarthenshire, Wales


Jan 20, 1942 
Dear Ellen
            So the love bug has bit you eh, so its real love & you say to me isn’t it swell, what do I know about love, I’ve never been in love in my life. He sure gave you a nice xmas present. The airmail letter you wrote on the 6th of Jan I received on the 16th of Jan so it took 12 days pretty good, it is the quickest one I’ve ever got one.
            So you got stewed at New Years eh Ellen. You never said anything about receiving my xmas & New Years Greetings Telegram. I sent one to you & one to Dad & one to Archie & Muriel. I had an Airmail letter from Dad from Vancouver & he didn’t say anything either about receiving it. Let me know won’t you if you received it won’t you. I received two parcels of chocolate from you Ellen about
1 ½ weeks ago & thanks ever so much it was swell. I also received 300 cigarettes from you to & thanks for them. You know the pictures of aircraft on the back of the cigarette packages well I’ve got quite a selection now.
            I’m being detached from this station on the 28th of Jan for a couple of weeks. I’m going on a course to another station, it will be further training for me. I don’t hope to be here long before I get back, I think I will be posted soon.
            I haven’t had letters from David or Jack lately. I wrote Dave just the other day, they are both stationed quite aways from me. I haven’t seen either of them yet, it is quite a job getting together in this county.
            There is another Canadian pilot arrived here the other week, he is from Vancouver, he came over in the army in 1939 & then remustered to the Air Force. There are about a dozen Canadian LAC on the station also they are ground wireless men. Neily, the other Canadian pilot is still here, he should get posted about the same time as me, his is from Nova Scotia & I’m from Sask, Agar is from BC, so you see we are a wide selection.
            The weather hasn’t been so good lately, lots of rain this not much flying. Yesterday & today have been fairly nice days though & warm also.
            I’ve seen some fairly good shows lately, “First of the Few”, “This Above All”, “Eagle Squadron”. My day off was yesterday & Netta & I went to see “This above all”
            News is damn short Ellen so I’ll sign off for this time hoping this finds you well.
            Your loving brother


Movies Fred went to: When I googled them they all showed as 1942 movies, and he saw them December 1941.
The First of the Few
1942 film
Several years after successfully designing a revolutionary high-speed monoplane, famed British aviator R.J. Mitchell (Leslie Howard) travels to early Nazi Germany for a vacation with his friend Geoffrey Crisp (David Niven), a test pilot. There, while watching a group of German gliders, Mitchell real… Moreizes that German air technology is rapidly advancing, and that the fate of Britain could hang in the balance. Despite serious illness, Mitchell sets out to develop a new warplane for Britain.
This Above All
1942 film
In 1940 England, aristocratic Prudence Cathaway (Joan Fontaine) alarms her snobbish parents by joining the WAF service branch. She soon meets and falls in love with the brooding Clive Briggs (Tyrone Power), despite his prejudice against the upper classes, and agrees to spend a week with him at a Dov… Moreer hotel. When Clive's soldier friend, Monty (Thomas Mitchell), arrives to retrieve him, Prudence learns that Clive went AWOL after Dunkirk, and urges him to recall why England must fight the war.
Eagle Squadron
1942 film
Eager to participate in the war, Americans Chuck Brewer (Robert Stack) and Johnny Coe (Leif Erickson) join the British Royal Air Force and are assigned to an American unit, Eagle Squadron, under the command of Paddy Carson (John Loder). The men make their first mission, and Chuck and Johnny are shot… More down. After being rescued, Carson warns Chuck not to be a hotshot -- and soon competes with him for the attention of transport leader Anne Partridge (Diana Barrymore) during the height of the Blitz.
His Cigarette Packages with pictures of planes


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