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Letter 20: December 16, 1941

Letter 20: December 16, 1941 
Postmarked: Bury Port, Camarthenshire, Wales

Sgt Pilot Piper F J
Canadian Base (Overseas)
Post Office No1 England
RCAF Section
Dec 16/41 
Dear Ellen
            Well how are you living Nell Still in love with the RNWMP or is he a thing of the past. There hasn’t been much happen for excitement here since I got back from leave. One thing which is very good, I have started to fly a bit now anyway. I’ve got a large total of 5 hours in now & expect to start to work soon. I can’t explain the work I’ll be doing as I doubt if it would pass the censure. I can say that it isn’t very exciting or dangerous but it is good experience which will be handy in the future. I was up flying today for awhile & really enjoyed myself flying & flipping around the country side. I’m getting to feel a little more at home in this type of aircraft now.
            I’ve been to quite a few pictures in the town lately, I have to watch the shows I go to here as there are so many that I’ve seen before back in Canada, some of the shows that have been here lately that I’ve seen are “Buck Privates” Footsteps in the Dark” “First Love” & several others, o yeh “Billy the Kid”
            Last Friday was payday & there was a big dance that night, did I ever get a glow on & was I ever rug cutting, I met a Canadian Officer at the dance & we were drinking scotch, the next morning being Sat & our day off I didn’t get up until noon & then I went into the Mess & bought a beer & I was damn near stewed again.
            I’ve been rushing a pretty blond-reddish Welsh girl lately but I think I’ll start looking for greener pastures or something, she invited me to a Christmas party so I guess I’d better stick around until after Christmas (heel)
            I told you in my last letter that I’ve received 4 letters from you Ellen & all in rotation so I supposed I’ll be receiving some more soon, I guess by this time you have received letters from me (I hope). I received a letter from Dad today & a couple of clippings from the paper, one was the memorium for Mother, the other was bout my speech over the radio from England. I also received two parcels today with a nice variety of articles in them from two girls back in Canada, one from the girl in Saskatoon & one from a Miss Stilborn from Yorkton who I met while there (she is a cousin of Muriels) I told you in the last letter that I got the parcel from Archie & Muriel, I haven’t received your cigarettes at all but I suppose & hope they come soon. All I hope they aren’t being nabbed by postal clerks.
Dec 17  I met a couple of Canadian Pilots last night in town from Sask, they’ve been here a year.
            Well Ellen I guess this is about all for now so I’ll say goodbye for this time
            Your loving brother

Dec 8, 1941  President Franklin D. Roosevelt asked the US Congress to declare war on Japan following the December 7th surprise attack on Pearl Harbor.

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