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Letter 9: June 1, 1941

Letter 9:   June 1, 1941   from Portage LaPrairie, MB


June 1/41
Portage LaPrairie
Dear Ellen
            I received your letter and that nice tie you sent me and thanks very much Ellen, is sure is handy to have a nice tie to wear for good. I just got through writing a letter to Archie & Muriel thanking them for the swell box of eats which sure went down good. I got some cigarettes from Dad and I also got a call from the blinking army to do my four months training, which was nice of them to inform wasn’t it, I didn’t have one beer on my birthday either.
            So you were down at Tuxford eh Ellen, you sure pick the boy friends with cars, but that’s the only way to have them. Tuxfords kind of dead now isn’t it Ellen, there is hardly anything doing is there. Did you have a food time at Gull Lake or did you get there?
            You were asking about Portage, its about half the size of Swift Current I would imagine but its spread out a hell of a lot & the town is full of trees so you can’t really see the size of it. Its got two theatres & the dance hall isn’t very big but there opening a new one. There are some nice restaurants in the place, which is one thing Swift Current Hasn’t got. Its not a bad place, it would be better if we had time to get organized as we have to be in by 10 o’clock all week & 11 the next week, depends on what weeks we fly in the mornings.
            I was into Winnipeg last weekend with Webb, he has a girl friend in there & she has a nice sister so you guess the rest for yourself. We went to see the 24 of May Celebrations & then went to a dance, we stayed at the girls place all night then came back in the morning. Winnipeg is sure a large place, we got a pass from Sat afternoon to Sunday at 1 o’clock.
            Dad & Jim Machan got down here last night & Dad phoned me up so I got ready & went into town. Dad drove me back out about 11 o’clock after we had a couple of beer together & chatted for quite awhile (Dad drove Jim out to his relations) Dad is coming out this afternoon as I have the afternoon off, we are flying this morning. I got a pass to allow him in the gate so I will be able to show him around the place. They picked up a woman with two suitcases, just out of Regina who they thought might be going to the next town or something & she was going to Winnipeg, she had come all the way from Vancouver. Dad said she sure must have been able to hold her water as she never got out of the care once, giving them no chance to ditch her, if they had wanted to.
            You were asking about Jack, well he seems to like Lethbridge fine, he had soloed. He was up on charge once for getting in late but got off fairly easy. I haven’t soloed yet, I’ve got 10 hrs, the weather has been so unsettled, it has rained damn near all week, it’s a good thing the land drys quick here or we would never fly. The senior class here are pulling out the 6th of June so we will soon be the seniors.
            Thanks for the storys very good. I just heard a damn good one.  “A girl & boy were sitting in a picture show & they laughed so much they peed or leeked in each other hand”
            Well Ellen I guess I’d better sign off for now as I think I will be going up soon.
            So I will say solong for now, hoping to hear from you soon
            Your loving brother
You will notice the Box number & the seal sealed, & if I wrote a little better I’d have a damn good letter I think.


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